Why You Should Choose Us

We only do mental health billing!

Open your Yellow Pages directory, and start calling the companies listed in the Billing Services category.  Once you get over the shock of how many telephone numbers are disconnected, you’ll find that the rest are often reluctant to do mental health billing.  They may charge high rates or require monthly minimums because it isn’t profitable for them to serve a solo clinician or small group.

PsychBiller specializes exclusively in psychiatry, psychology, and neuropsychology.  We focus our energy and commitment on staying current in this field alone, and strive for excellence in an ever changing business.  Our small size allows us to maintain personal contact with you, the clinician, and get to know your practice in a way a larger company can’t.

We’re bonded and insured.

You’ve got to have confidence in the company to whom you’ve entrusted your billing.  After all, it’s your money at stake.  In addition to general liability insurance, PsychBiller carries an employee dishonesty bond.  Though not required by the Commonwealth of Virginia, we believe it gives our clients extra peace of mind.

We leverage technology to its fullest.

We’re constantly searching for ways to automate and streamline our business processes.

Over 99% of all claims are submitted electronically via direct connections and clearinghouses.  We replace paper Explanations of Benefits (EOBs) with Electronic Remittance Advices (ERAs) that are automatically posted by our billing software more quickly and accurately.  Our company has been paperless since 2003.

We don’t outsource jobs to other countries.

Some billing companies outsource jobs to other countries because it lowers their costs. We believe in keeping your sensitive information here in the United States under the full protection of federal and state laws.

We walk the walk.

We have experienced mental illness first hand, both personally and in our families. We have been consumers of mental health treatment. We know how your clients feel as they try to navigate the health insurance system while simultaneously dealing with personal issues or supporting a loved one with mental illness. A portion of our net profits is donated to NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

We’re here to support you.

The solo clinician and small group practice are alone in the wilderness of managed care.  The pressure to join groups for economies of scale continues, but those groups themselves are under enormous pressure to become and stay profitable.  We believe the independent practice is still viable, but needs support to stay focused on patient care and free up time for marketing and nurturing a network of referral sources.  That’s what PsychBiller does best—supporting clinicians caring for people in need.