Onboarding: Getting Started with PsychBiller

Getting started with a new billing service is known as onboarding. Everything you know about your patients and the insurance companies you work with has to be transferred from your brain and records to ours. We’ve got a handy checklist to help you assemble everything we need.

  • Onboarding Checklist
  • Provider Information Form
  • Provider Risk Information Form
  • Provider Carrier Matrix
  • Provider Risk Information Form
  • Faxing

    Faxing is an essential means of communication with PsychBiller. Program a speed dial button with our fax number, (571) 250-8547. Using a preprogrammed number helps you comply with the HIPAA Privacy Rule by ensuring that you don’t accidentally fax Protected Health Information (PHI) to the wrong place.

    Check your fax manual and look up how to send faxes in "Fine" mode. Faxing in the default Standard mode can produces slightly fuzzy faxes, especially if your phone line is VoIP. Using the Fine setting (not Photo) gives a higher quality fax without sacrificing much speed.


    In addition to fax, you can scan documents and send them as attachments to secure e‑mail. You will need to figure out how to scan documents in black and white mode at 300 dpi and save them as PDFs. Not all scanners and all-in-one machines can do this. Black and white has only two colors: black and white, and is not the same thing as grayscale, which is actually 256 shades of gray.


    We will provide and ask you to sign forms to enroll in electronic claims for Medicare, TRICARE, and other payers.

    Electronic Remittance Advices (ERAs)

    We will provide and ask you to sign forms to enroll for us to receive your ERAs from payers. We will also ask you to allow us access to eligibility, benefits, and claims status via Availity and NaviNet. We may need to acquire user names and passwords for insurance company provider Web sites.

    Web Sites

    PsychBiller uses all electronic means of obtaining eligibility and benefits and claims status. Using Web sites like Availity, NaviNet, and various payer sites is infinitely faster than calling, and we can print a copy of the information for our records. We will provide and ask you to sign forms allowing us to access your patient information via Availity and NaviNet and payer Web sites. We will ask for the user names and passwords for your individual and group NPIs and CAQH. Invariably, those sites contain some outdated or inaccurate information. If we will be assisting you with Medicare provider enrollment or changes, we will help you link our PECOS user ID to yours.