Billing Software maintains a comprehensive list of mental-health specific and low-cost general purpose billing programs programs.

Billing Software - Internet-Based

My Clients Plus logo Runs within any Internet browser, including smartphones and tablets.

Office Ally logo Office Ally is a clearinghouse that allows you to submit claims to many payers through their Web site for free. A basic practice management system is available. This is often the most cost effective solution for very small practices.

Billing Software - Programs That Only Print Claims

EASYCMS 1500 Form Filler  Microsoft Word templates for Windows and Mac
HCFA-1500 Fill & Print NPI  PC and Mac versions available
Speedy Claims Software

CMS-1500 Claim Form (02/12)  –  Updated

Medicare began accepting the 02/12 version of the CMS-1500 beginning January 6, 2014. Both the 02/12 and 08/05 versions will be accepted during a dual use period through March 31, 2014. After that date, all Medicare paper claims must be submitted on the 02/12 version of the CMS-1500. All insurance companies are transitioning to the new form, but you should check with each one to find out when they will begin accepting it.

How to Fill Out the New 02/12 CMS-1500

Where to Buy Small Quantities

This is not a comprehensive list of all companies who sell CMS-1500 forms. Check vendor Web sites for current prices and shipping costs. Other styles, such as duplicates or pads of forms, are available from some vendors. American Medical Association members get discounted pricing at the AMA Bookstore. Money saving tip! Go in with other clinicians to buy 1,000 or 2,500 forms.

Claim Adjustment, Remittance Advice, and Taxonomy Codes

Claim Adjustment Reason Codes

Remittance Advice Remark Codes

Taxonomy Codes  Click on “Health Care Provider Taxonomy Code Set”


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Provider Customer Service (CSR) Telephone Numbers and Web sites
The Web page is a clickable map. Click on your state or choose it from the drop-down listbox to find the telephone numbers and Web site for your MAC/Part B carrier.

Zip Code to Locality File
Medicare reimbursement rates vary by MAC/Part B carrier, state, locality, and Zip Code. You need to know your locality code to look up CPT codes in the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS). The Zip file contains an XLSX file that can be opened by Microsoft Excel and compatible spreadsheets. Most word processing programs can open the equivalent TXT file.


ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Codes  Updated!

Place of Service Codes

Prompt Pay Laws by State

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