Frequently Asked Questions

Some mental health billing services tell you to send in your information whenever you like, and emphasize that you retain control of your money because insurance payments are mailed directly to you.

We tried running our business that way years ago. Nothing but headaches!  It led to payment delays, missing authorizations, incomplete and unreadable faxes, and plenty of time wasted on solving preventable problems.  Now, we would much rather save you hours every month opening mail and standing over your fax machine to make sure everything went through.  Our method produces much higher quality data, cleaner claims, and fewer problems for everyone.

Why do you want me to fax the day sheet every day?

Faxing your work daily enables us to submit claims much more frequently.  Insurance payments arrive throughout the month instead of once or twice.  This creates a more reliable source of cash flow for you.

I’m nervous about having insurance payments mailed to you.  That feels like I’m losing control of my money.

You NEVER lose control of your money.  Checks are always payable to you, and simply delivered to us.  We have no authority to cash checks or withdraw money.  We have no access to your bank account other than being the gopher who makes deposits.  But for your peace of mind, we do carry a fidelity bond.

My practice is in another state. Aren’t you too far away to do my billing?

Not at all! Working with an out-of-state billing service can be just as easy as using one down the street. All of our work is done by telephone, fax, and secure e-mail, so location is not nearly as important as knowing the peculiarities of your state’s insurers.

My bank doesn’t have a branch near you.

Many national and large regional banks have branches in our area that accept deposits from other states.  Alternatively, your bank may offer business customers a “deposit only” ATM card that can be used to make deposits at a “foreign” bank in our area.  We’ll find a way to make your deposits in a timely manner.